The first thing people notice when they walk in your house is how clean or dirty it is, and any odors in the home will sway that opinion. The house can be neat as a pin, but they will feel like it’s filthy if the garbage is casting a foul odor throughout the home. Likewise, a home that is a little messy will still feel welcoming if it smells fresh and clean. If you are currently living with a foul smell in the home that you cannot quite pinpoint and correct, try giving your carpet a quick sniff. The culprit could be dirt and debris that has become trapped in the carpet fibers and is making the home smell bad. Fortunately, it is easier than you might think to keep your carpet smelling fresh.

Start with Washable Rugs at Entrances

Most of the dirt and debris in your home comes from people tracking dirt and mud in on their shoes. From the kids to visitors and especially your dog, the dirt that you try to keep outside gets a free ride into the home several times a day. Keep washable rugs at the doors to trap the dirt and keep it out of your house. Even if you have carpet that goes right to the door, it’s still a good idea to lay down a little bath mat or welcome mat that you can either toss in the washing machine or rinse off outside with the garden hose.

Embrace Socks and Bare Feet

Encourage guests and family members alike to leave their shoes at the door. Keep a shoe shelf in the area for stacking shoes, and remind the kids when they come in to take shoes off. This is the single best way to keep dirt off your carpet, and it will also keep the dirt off your upholstered furnishings.

Clean Air Filters for High Air Quality

Your HVAC system steadily moves air throughout the home. The air filters on your unit catch most dust and dirt, but they can become clogged quickly. When that happens, the particulates responsible for foul odors will be forced through the filter and return to your living space. Change filters frequently to improve indoor air quality, protect your furnace and make your house smell better.

Vacuum Regularly

When you want to make sure your carpet smells fresh, the best thing you can do is vacuum regularly. Vacuuming pulls up the dirt, debris and other particulates that are making your home smell bad. You can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet to absorb grease and help break particles loose. It will help eliminate the foul odors without adding any additional scents. Once the carpet is cleaned with baking soda, then you can sprinkle some lightly scented freshening powder around to cast a pleasing scent throughout the area.

Invest in Deep Cleaning

There comes a point in the life of every carpet where it needs a deep cleaning. With the help of steam cleaners, you can break loose stains and permanently eliminate odors. If you are dealing with a persistent odor, then you should trust this chore to the professionals. They have special chemicals for dealing with odors, and they can effectively remove stubborn stains for a carpet that looks and smells great.

With some regular maintenance and new habits, you can keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh. If you are fighting stubborn odors or just want to know that your carpet is truly clean, then invest in the services of professionals carpet cleaners. They have the skills, experience and supplies necessary to remove even stubborn odors and persistent stains that have refused to budge. Contact High Quality Carpet Cleaning today to set up a convenient appointment for your carpet cleaning.