Oriental Rug Cleaning Service NJ

Ensure the beauty and longevity of your oriental rug by letting High Quality Carpet Cleaning clean your rug with care!


Getting your oriental rug cleaned is important to do on a regular basis. Dust and soil accumulate over time, which is not good for your health or your rug. To ensure that you keep it for a long time, you should have your oriental rug cleaned at regular intervals.

A vacuum only does a small part of the cleaning job your rug needs. It takes away the top layer of dust particles, but it will never completely remove the dirt, soil and stains deep within the rug. It is risky for a non-professional cleaner to use chemicals on oriental rugs, as the wrong chemicals can cause a lot of damage. For that reason, it’s best to hire a quality professional for your oriental rug cleaning services.

Here at High Quality Carpet Cleaners, we know how to handle your oriental rug with care. Different fibres require different chemicals to ensure it’s lasting beauty. Also, with our state of the art drying equipment, you are sure not to have wet or mildew smelling rugs. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority for you and your rugs!