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Carpet Steam Cleaner Middlesex

New Jersey homes have recently undergone a difficult time. Even if your home didn’t actually take on water with the storms that have pounded the coast, you have still been dragging in more mud and water than you normally would. Whether your home has undergone damage from the storms or just needs a regular cleaning, professional steam cleaners in the Middlesex area can restore your carpet and bring it back to life.

Superior Equipment:

The equipment used in carpet steam cleaning uses high pressure and an intense heat that can not be found in regular home equipment. The truck mounted cleaners are more powerful, allowing them to remove more water and dirt from your carpet fibers.


The chemicals are also superior to anything you can pick up at the neighborhood store. Pro-Chem systems are safe and incredibly effective at removing dirt, food, juice stains, pet stains and most other stains from your wall-to-wall carpet or area rugs. The solvents are also safe enough to be used around pets and children, so you can let your kids walk barefoot on the rug after cleaning, without worrying about them being harmed. The products are also fully biodegradable, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Good for the Rug:

In addition to cleaning the carpets, the solutions we use will actually leave them stronger and better. Special additives are used to prevent your color from turning brown and to keep the colors from bleeding into each other. We also use conditioners to leave the fibers feeling soft and comfortable.

High Quality:

We can handle most problems that are leaving your carpet looking less than welcoming. We are able to remove stains and eliminate odors that may be lingering in your rugs. The beauty of your carpet can be restored with steam cleaning and you can enjoy a house that smells as clean as it looks.

Drying Equipment:

As the steam process cleans your carpets, a good deal of moisture will be added to the air in your home. Our state-of-the-art drying equipment will remove that moisture. Rather than dealing with a rug that feels wet for several days after being cleaned, you will enjoy a carpet that is completely dry within 24 hours and a room that is comfortable, not sticky with humidity.

Free Estimates:

We provide free estimates for your convenience. Whether you need the entire house cleaned or just a few rooms, we will provide you with a fair estimate at no charge.

Flood Damage:

If you are dealing with a carpet that sat under several inches of water, there may be hope to save it. We can help you dry and clean carpets that have seen too much water as a result of storms. We will deodorize the carpets after we have removed every possible drop of water from them. We can also treat the carpets to inhibit the growth of mold, helping you keep your family safe. We offer 24 hour emergency service, so you can call us for fast help if your home should flood in the future.

Contact High Quality Carpet Cleaning at if you are ready to have your carpets steam cleaned today!


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