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Hire Carpet Cleaners Union County

There are many carpet cleaners to choose from in Union County. If you want the best, call High Quality Carpet Cleaners. We are locally owned and operated and can get to your home or office fast for professional service. Our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee means that if you are not satisfied, neither are we.

We offer cleaning to carpets, oriental rugs, upholstery and water and flood damaged household items. We do not just surface clean your carpets but get the ground in dust and dirt that collects at the base of carpet fibers. Our complete ProChem System leaves your rugs and carpets better than new because we condition and protect what we clean.

Flood damage repair is our specialty. Floodwaters quickly ruin a great looking rug and may lead to mold if it you do not have it treated right away. Our 24-hour emergency service leaves mold no chance to take hold in your home. We will clean your flood-damaged items and make sure that they are completely dry before we leave. This creates a clean and safe environment for your family and pets.

Flood damage comes from many sources. Flooding does not just come from nature. Water damage occurs at the most inopportune times and from the strangest sources. An aquarium can spring a leak or a pipe can burst. Water rushes out and covers your precious rugs. Panic sets in on the homeowner and cleanup becomes a primary concern. The right company is one that knows and understands water damage. The right company is High Quality Carpet Cleaners.

Water that gets to the carpet pad never completely dries. Water damage is not a wait and see event. You cannot see, or even feel, if the water is completely dry. The carpet needs testing by a moisture meter. This is not something that many homeowners have lying around. Our moisture meters will ensure that total and complete removal of water has occurred.

Oriental rugs require special attention. Only a professional will know the exact method of cleaning that your particular rug requires. They type of fiber, weave and dye that created the rug plays a vital role in the appropriate cleaning method. We are certified by the IIRC because we know just how to clean those rare and unusual oriental rugs. We can restore your oriental rugs to a pristine condition. The colors will be vibrant and the pattern detail will come through again.

With 14 years of experience cleaning carpets in Union County, there are few surprises left for our professionally trained staff. From the innocuous puppy puddles to major disasters, we have taken care of it all. That is why we can offer our absolute guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will come back and make sure that you are.

Contact us today at to find out just what we can do for you. Or click below to be taken directly to our website! We'll even provide you with a free quote for your cleaning needs after filling out a very short form!


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