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Hunterdon Oriental Rug Cleaning

The brilliant patterns of that Oriental rug once lent a mystical flavor to your living room. However, years of heavy foot traffic, child-rearing and pet accommodation have taken their toll. Your Oriental rug now looks sad, dusty, matted. The magic is gone, and there’s no genie in a bottle to help restore that rug to its pristine beauty. Then again, is there? High Quality Carpet Cleaning may not be in a bottle, but we sure can do genie-like magic with your carpets, upholstery and Oriental rugs.

To achieve professional results, High Quality Carpet Cleaning uses a truck-mounted steam, pressure and heat system to deep clean and disinfect your carpets. As a finishing touch, we will provide complimentary spot clean using custom-selected solvents, apply scotch guard stain inhibitor to repel future stains, and deodorize all treated surfaces. We will even move your furniture before and after cleaning so that every portion of your carpet or Oriental rug receives equal TLC. We choose only safe detergents and solvents that are child and pet-friendly. High Quality Carpet Cleaning makes your routine carpet, upholstery and Oriental rug cleaning a breeze.

Beyond routine rug and upholstery maintenance, High Quality Carpet Cleaning also specializes in flood damage restoration. When disaster strikes, it’s tempting to look at your flooded or rain-damaged home and think that you’ll have to throw everything away and start from scratch. What about your grandmother’s heirloom rocking chair or the Oriental rug that your spouse bought you on a business trip overseas? You may feel compelled to part with these water damaged items. However, with professional restoration services available, you may be surprised what you can salvage. High Quality Carpet Cleaning can dehumidify your belongings and treat them to eradicate mildew and odors. This company’s expertise even encompasses the cleaning and restoration of old fabric and leather.

Since High Quality Carpet Cleaning demonstrates proficiency in many areas of cleaning and restoration, you can be assured that we will work equal magic with your Oriental rugs. You may request either in-home or drop-off service. Either way, your Oriental rug will receive a deep steam cleaning and scotch guard stain inhibitor treatment. Carpet cleaning professionals will also apply brighteners to your carpet to enhance its natural beauty. Carpets dropped off at the cleaning facility will also be hung dry, brushed and wrapped before return. For superior cleaning of your Oriental rugs, High Quality Carpet Cleaning has your needs covered.

Therefore, when the spilled Kool-Aid, the muddy paw prints, or that unforeseen weather catastrophe strike your carpets and upholstery, don’t look for a genie in a bottle. Hunterdon’s carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals can serve you just as well, and you aren’t limited to three wishes. That Oriental rug, which seems to have lost all its Arabian Nights appeal, will soon be looking like Aladdin’s magic carpet. Who needs a genie when you can contact High Quality Carpet Cleaning in Hunterdon, NJ at Let us work our magic with your rugs and furniture today. Or simply click the button below to be taken directly to our website! We'll even provide you with a free quote, if you'd like!


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