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Mold Removal Hillsborough

Be careful of perpetually moist environments in your home. Moist environments attract mold spores which produce mold as they land on dampened items. When these areas are encased within the walls of a house the potential problems warrant immediate removal. The purpose of mold in nature is to help in the decomposition of dead organic matter. You’ll find it showing in different colors in nature and on dead leaves, rotting wood and etc. Mold “migrates” through its reproduction process. It is airborne and in the form of spores waiting to land on a damp place and reproduce. In a post-flood environment, i.e. slow hurricane clean-up, you can have a spores-gone-wild type of situation. That’s where High Quality comes in.

Your Health Is In Jeopardy

Does mold cause health problems? Mold comes in different forms and is everywhere. So the potential for harm is always there. The least harmful molds can activate allergy symptoms in individuals who are mold-allergenic. It also effects individuals with compromised immune systems and those with asthma. In extreme cases, mold can be associated with serious respiratory conditions (and obviously agitate that of loved ones who have them) and can result in death. More often than not, it will be hidden from the causal glance; and at times totally hidden behind the surfaces of walls and fixtures. This causes problems because That’s where High Quality comes in.

What We’ll Do For You

We have teams of experienced and professional associates who can help get rid of your problem and educate you on how to keep your home as healthy as possible when it comes to mold. We use the proper equipment and testing devices to be sure that the job is done. And because we’re a carpet cleaner, we have trained technicians who can help you spot and dry potentially harmful areas. Call in the professionals for dependable and friendly services. We’re more than happy to help.

When dealing with an enemy like mold you don’t have to put with persistent ailments in your loved ones caused by it. Educate yourself. If your home has a moldy smell or you suspect that your toddler has disturbed a mold then call on us to test your home and determine whether or not you need help. We’re available for in-home services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Also, when you have your regular carpet cleaning done feel free to ask the head technician to check around if you suspect something.

Some of the other services that we offer are carpet cleaning, furniture upholstery (which also includes mold removal services) and services to oriental rugs; all with state-of-the-art ecologically-friendly equipment and processes. We are currently offering both commercial and residential mold-removal services in the Hillsborough Township and the surrounding communities in Somerset County, Middlesex County and Morris County. We have a service guarantee; if the job is not done to your satisfaction we will come back for free. Contact High Quality Carpet Cleaning at and we’ll get a technician out today. Or you can simply click the button below to be taken directly to our website! We'll even provide you with a free quote after filling out a short form!


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