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Professional Carpet Cleaning After Flood NJ

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When flooding has left water in your home, the carpets that are normally so soft and welcoming can be ruined by mold and mildew. Getting the smell of stale water out of the fibers can be next to impossible for the average homeowner using only residential quality equipment. However, professional carpet cleaners have high quality equipment that can effectively remove all the water, leaving your carpets fresh and welcoming again.

The first step in restoring your carpets after the hurricanes left so many New Jersey homes flooded is to get all the water out. Professional carpet cleaning machines have much more powerful suction that will get all the water out from both the carpet and the padding. After the water is fully removed, the carpet cleaning company may also recommend running fans and dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the air, preventing it from settling back down into the carpet.

Once the carpet is dried, it must be disinfected to prevent the growth of mold. This is another job that should be performed as part of flood recovery services in New Jersey. Professional carpet cleaners have access to powerful disinfectants that can effectively kill the fresh mold spores without damaging your carpet. This simple step can help you save your carpet, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Professional cleaners will also take this opportunity to clean the carpet. Flood waters always carry more than just clean water. They carry in fine dust and debris from outside. When the waters recede, this dirt and mud is often left in your carpet. While pulling up the residual water will remove a good deal of it, it’s still advisable to have the carpet thoroughly cleaned to be sure that all dirt has been removed.

The final step is to have the carpets deodorized. Deodorizing the carpets after the cleaning is complete will help ensure that the stale water smell is gone and you are left with nothing but soft, wonderful rugs again.

We offer a range of services to help you recover from the torrential rains experienced in the hurricane. We will clean your upholstery and oriental rugs along with the wall-to-wall carpeting that is in your home. We use biodegradable products and high quality drying equipment that will help get all the humidity out of your home.

Our company is fully insured and owner operated. We take pride in our work and are ready to leave your home looking as fantastic as it did before the flooding. Contact us for free estimates on your water removal and carpet cleaning needs. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day in case you encounter flooding in the future. Don’t wait to call us when your carpets are soaked by unexpected flooding. The sooner the water is removed, the easier the entire process will be.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work. Contact us at today to set up a free consultation or set a time for a session with us.


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