Upholstery Cleaning

High Quality Carpet Cleaning also offers the best in residential and commercial upholstery and furniture cleaning services!

It’s important to have your furniture and upholstery clean and handled with care. These things can be damaged too easily if the incorrect steps are taken or the wrong cleaning agents are used. For example, the best way to clean vinyl is blotting out the stain with a dry cloth, applying a mild detergent to soak the stain and then quickly dry. For leather cleaning, the stain needs to be removed as quickly as possible, as leather does not respond well to too much water or detergent.
Choosing the right detergent for upholstery and furniture cleaning is very important, because the wrong detergent can lead to color loss. The type of fabric or material is important to understand too. A synthetic fabric can take rougher detergents, whereas cotton or other similar fabric need a mild detergent. This ensures the color protection of the upholstery.

It may seem like your upholstery and furniture are clean, but it’s always a good idea for regular cleanings because dust and bacteria still accumulate. The best thing to do is hire a professional cleaning service because they know the best and safest way to remove the stains.
Hire High Quality Carpet Cleaning for your upholstering cleaning and furniture cleaning services – customer satisfaction is our #1 guarantee!