Your pets are an important part of your life. They provide you with comfort and unconditional love. Entertaining and soothing, you may not be able to imagine your life with their steady presence. One of the biggest complaints about owning animals is that they can be hard on your carpets. Even well trained pets can have accidents. They cannot help shedding or the dirt they might track in. Here are a few tips to help you protect your carpet by removing pet stains and odors.

Learn how to Blot Stains

We’re so accustomed to scrubbing when we want to clean something, but that’s the wrong approach when you are dealing with stains in the carpet. Vigorous rubbing will force the stain deeper into the fiber, making it nearly impossible to remove. Rather than using a sweeping or scrubbing motion, focus on applying pressure straight down to force the liquid to transfer into the rag. Continue blotting at the stain with clean towels until you are no longer able to pull up liquid.

Keep Special Cleaners on Hand

It doesn’t matter if your dog has accidentally urinated on the carpet or vomited. You could easily wind up battling a stain and lingering odor. Pet stores sell special chemicals that are designed to eliminate pet odors. If you prefer a green option, then you should keep white vinegar on hand.

Start by blotting up the liquid completely. Carefully pour a small amount of vinegar or cleaner on the area of the stain. Using clean towels, start blotting out the fresh liquid. It will pull out the bacteria and odor along with it, so you can eliminate the smell from your carpet immediately. One benefit of removing the scent as quickly as possible is that your pets won’t return to that area to mark it again.

Get Comfortable with the Vacuum Cleaner

A house with no pets should be vacuumed every few days to prevent dirt from being ground into the carpet. A house with pets will need to be vacuumed more frequently. Move slowly as you pull the vacuum back because this is where most of the power lies. Change directions to clean the carpet from all sides, and you can rest assured that you remove as much dander, dirt and fur as possible.

Invest in Regular Professional Cleaning

Even the most diligent homeowner may find that some stains simply will not budge. You may be frustrated that the cleaning supplies available from your local store won’t remove the stains, but you can rest assured that industrial strength cleaners and special green cleaners will work. With their powerful tools and incredible detergents, the professionals at High Quality Carpet Cleaning can remove even stubborn stains and odors without the use of irritating detergents or harmful chemicals.

Keep your carpet looking great and smelling fresh by investing in regular professional carpet cleaning. Regular cleaning and treating accidents as soon as they happen will make your carpet easier to clean, but the professionals can really restore your carpet to its original beauty. Visit to discover what a difference the professionals can make for your rugs and carpets.